Jacqueline Kennedy of Kirkland, Washington is Missed By Half Her Family

Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy date unknown

Jacqueline Nataliya Kennedy, whose last known address is in Kirkland, Washington is missed terribly by half her family, including father, sister Ava Kalea, her grandparents and more.

It’s a sad story when kids actually think their life is better by ignoring the people who love them. It’s even more sad when one of the parents makes up stories to try to get their kid to ignore the other parent. Apparently it is some type of “control issue”. Very, very sad.

But what can you do?

So far she’s missed out on visiting her dad and sister in Hawaii, skiing at Alta, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Snow Basin, Brighton and Solitude in Utah and countless other adventures.

She’s also missed out on a pretty nice car that was supposed to be her high school graduation present, learning about her sister’s modeling career (which is going very well in Hawaii) and a free college education at Arizona State University.

All we can do is wish the best for Jackie Kennedy, her mom and rest of the clan. Hope they are all healthy and happy.

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